Model 4 a Day



Model for a day

Due to the pandemic, we obviously need to respect social distancing. We would love to work with as many models as possible, but unfortunately that is not an option right now. Therefore we would like to introduce a new concept: ‘Model for a Day’. It is a concept in which we provide a new model for every new shoot and yes, all Ikigai Fashion clients can be that model!


We want to offer you the chance to experience being a model, because we are convinced that everyone who really wants to, actually can be a model! Often people think that you can only become a model if you are slim enough, have perfect skin or that you need to be very tall. We want to prove them wrong.

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A glance at our latest ‘Models for a Day’

So what’s in it for you?

First of all, you are going to meet the super fun team behind IKIGAI. Together with Margaux and Noury you will experience a professional photoshoot in real life.

You will get a total makeover by a makeup artist and hairstylist. You will be styled with the cool clothes of IKIGAI.

Of course you will also be guided by our professional model Margaux.

There will be many professional pictures taken of you by a top photographer, all of which you may keep.

  • Make up
  • Hair
  • Ikigai styling (clothes)
  • Photoshoot

Our collection was named after stars. Allow yourself to be one too. Just enroll!

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